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The Executive Program / Concierge-Style Training

I’m very proud to announce I’ve joined the team at Genesis Performance & Fitness based in Thousand Oaks.

This isn’t your ordinary fitness program. It’s a 24/7 concierge-style coaching and training program custom fitted for an executive’s busy schedule, as well as being designed specifically for their goals, lifestyle challenges, and preferences.

This program includes:
• Personal training
• Mobility
• Nutrition coaching
• Metabolic assessments
• Physical therapy
•  24/7 concierge-service
and more

As well as scheduling of your team of support specialists:
• Physical Therapy
• Massage Therapy
• Mobility Specialists
• Doctors

A UNIQUE and integrated heath, fitness, and wellness program.  Genesis goes the extra mile to make sure you reach your goals by:
• DNA testing to ensure their program maps back to your body’s makeup and needs.
• Personalize meal plans
• Travel strategies
• Home food delivery

For more information: www.GenesisPerformance.net

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