I love massage therapy and I love to help people feel better. The Golf Ball Massage for deep muscle manipulation is one of my specialties and I also have a passion for Compassionate Touch Therapy, a kind of massage that is especially effective in offering pain and anxiety relief for hospice patients.

Why get a massage? We all pride ourselves on multi-tasking and being able to “tough through” daunting challenges. I used to put my stress management last. However, I’ve learned over time that stress reduction is not a luxury, and that you don’t get a badge of honor for not taking care of yourself. A massage from a skilled therapist can be your best tool for stress management and feeling better.

The spa is private and feels like a home. People often say that they feel relaxed the minute they walk in the door. No worries picking which massage you want … I leave 30 minutes between massages so I have time to chat before your massage and we can figure out what is best for you. And you may be happy to know that I have a policy of no talking during the massage so you can use this time for YOUR total relaxation. Hope to meet you soon!

Please visit the VIDEO/PHOTOS page to watch some self-care videos that I’ve put together to help you take care of yourself at home!

– Heather Karr Johnson, CMT


– Prenatal Massage
– TMJ Release
– Chiropractic Massage
– Oncology Massage
– Geriatric Massage
– Compassionate Touch Therapy (Hospice) Heart Touch™ Project
– Developer of the Golf Ball Massage
– Developer of the GEMball Massage
– Developer of the DragonGlass Massage


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