My goal is to help people reduce their stress level (which reduces their chances of getting sick) and to help them operate in their business and personal life with clarity of thought, increased effectiveness, a stronger immune system and emotional and physical resilience.

It’s an honor to be a part of your wellness and health management.

Heather Karr Johnson, CMT


Golf Ball Massage
DragonGlass Massage
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
GEMball Massage
Face Renewal (TMJ Release)
Prenatal Massage
Compassionate Touch Therapy (Hospice)

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The Golf Ball Massage from Heather is truly amazing. When I need extra pressure to relieve my aches, this is definitely a winner! Being a golf professional and avid cyclist, I place a lot of stress and strain on my back. Heather has a gift and knows what areas of the body need most attention, plus her massages are very relaxing and soothing. After a treatment with Heather, I come away feeling renewed and invigorated.

“That feels amazing!” Was all I could think to say when Heather first rolled the golf ball in her clever hand-held device [SPAball Kaddy™] over my lower back. The funny thing is that I knew it was a golf ball because the idea came from a massage I used to give myself with a golf ball on the floor. To say that Heather improved on an already good idea is the understatement of the century. The technique, delivery system and results are nothing short of a miracle.

Heather’s Golf Ball Massage is one of my favorite new discoveries! It’s fluid and relaxing, but still therapeutic. Not only did I enjoy Heather’s techniques with the SPAball Kaddy and golf ball, but I use it nightly on my high school football player son Hunter! He loves it and so do I!

I recommend the Golf Ball Massage to all of my patients, as it is a key tool for rehabbing all the major facial trains and muscle groups of the body, and preventing injury. It’s both relaxing and deep enough to be therapeutic. Best of all the SPAball Kaddy™ protects therapists against repetitive use injuries.

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