Geriatric/Compassionate Touch (Hospice)

Geriatric/Compassionate Touch (Hospice)

Gentle relaxing touch that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing life-threatening or terminal illness. Helps relief from pain, and other distressing symptoms, enhance quality of life, reducing anxiety, and helps calm a troubled spirit.

Heather is certified in Compassionate Touch by the Heart Touch™ Project, as well as certificated in Geriatric and Oncology Massage. She has worked with Buena Vista Hospice Care and Assisted Home Hospice,  Our Community House of Hope , and in palliative care at Los Robles Regional Medical Center.

  • 60 min. $130   •   90 min. $185   •   120 min. $245

What  our clients are saying

I have worked in the Hospice field as a nurse for over 25 years.  During that time, I was able to be the founder and administrator of a free-standing Hospice Home.  We cared for patients in the last 2 months of their lives.  Our Community House of Hope was in operation 2012-2018 in Thousand Oaks, CA.

I met Heather about 15 years ago when she was volunteering as a hospice massage therapist.  She was an excellent massage therapist with hospice clients.  Her massage training and experience was extensive, and she was very talented and qualified in her field.  When we opened our hospice house, she came to volunteer her services with our patients. She was reliable and punctual for all visits to patients.  Her professional techniques were perfect with those who were so vulnerable and frail.  She was able to calm and soothe those who were anxious and experiencing other discomforts.  Her calming demeanor and friendly personality were healing to all our patients as well as for our staff members.

When we were doing training classes for new Hospice volunteers, Heather was a great help in teaching them healing touch techniques. 

I would highly recommend Heather Karr Johnson for a position as a massage therapist in any care setting

Teresa Wolf, RN, BSN

After doing extensive research, I began seeing Heather in September of 2019 after relocating back to Thousand Oaks. I was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, in November of 2017. With ALS you slowly lose the ability to control your muscles as the signal from your brain to the respective muscle deteriorates. It leads to paralysis but the course of the disease looks different for everyone. 

In my case, I had left limb onset, meaning it affected my left hand first and then about six months later I started to have similar loss of function in the right hand. 

By the time I met Heather I was in a wheelchair but still able to walk with assistance. She immediately started to research the disease and became a student as I shared everything I learned over my time with the disease. To summarize the results is really quite simple. Heather not only helped relax my extremely tight muscles, but I believe her massage techniques greatly slowed the progression of my disease. 

Today, I am six years in since symptom onset and I am still standing, transferring with some assistance, and able to do a great deal on my own. Bear in mind that only 10% of people with ALS live past five years, and I am one of the 10%. I see Heather twice a week and do a 90-minute massage. Together we have had to adjust to my limitations and her creativity and focus on my comfort is unmatched. 

In the beginning I was able to lie comfortably on the table in a more traditional way, but four years later I stand and lean over the table as she works on my back and neck. I then sit in my chair as she works my upper traps and legs, and we finish with me lying back in my wheelchair so she can massage my neck, jaw, and scalp. Her understanding of the muscles is beyond that of a typical massage therapist and her willingness to learn about ALS put her in a league of her own. 

If you are looking for a relaxing massage that is second to none then Heather is the answer. If you have a complicated case like mine, then Heather is willing to go the distance to help treat your disease. Without question, Heather has helped extend my life and dramatically improve the quality of life along the way. She is not only my massage therapist, but over four years time I consider her part of my family. She cares for me deeply and I am certain she treats every client with the same level of care and compassion. You can’t go wrong with Heather, and you will know it the first time you meet her.

Trevor Stoffer

I recently retired from being the full time Palliative Care RN at a large local hospital. I invited Heather to come and volunteer with our patients. We created a program around her, and it was remarkable. 

She was able to individualize the care each patient wanted or needed. Some would request something as simple as their hands massaged, or their scalp. Some were comfortable enough to get a fuller experience.

The staff adored her, and she made caring for them part of her day. She would bring “Bob”, her precussion tool, and she would have them sit while she helped them relax for a bit and ease the tension of their shift.

We had a protocol to use including approval from the MD, the patient, making sure they were not on medications such as blood thinners that could be problematic, etc. Heather was a true gift to our patients, and all the staff.

Heather is relocating to another state, and I know that anyone who is touched by her services and care will be the better for it. We wish her and her husband well in their new journey.

Laura Zempel MSW, RN, CHPN, Your Content Goes Here

Heather is an extremely kind and compassionate therapist, who treats every resident at Our Community House of Hope with dignity and respect. In Hospice, we often find our residents to be full of, not only physical pain; but also emotional pain. After a visit from Heather, our residents feel calm, peaceful and secure.  Heather always meets each individual where they are; and creates an experience full of love.

Martha Progulske, Resident Care Director of Our Community House of Hope in Thousand Oaks, CA

Heather Karr and her gift of massage was an incredible blessing in our lives after my 27-year-old daughter received a terminal diagnosis. Within hours of my daughter being placed on hospice Heather appeared like the earth angel she is. Heather was the highlight of my daughters 14 month cancer journey. We always knew that if it was a “Heather” massage day then it was going to be a good day all around. As soon as she would leave my daughter would start the countdown to the next time Heather would arrive. It always gave her something to look forward to. Heather is extremely gifted in ALL massage. My daughters hospice massage relieved her of the pain of atrophy from being bed ridden for months and relieved her of anxiety. Heather has also performed some miracle pain relief for me as well, since I was my daughters 24/7 caregiver. Heather gets a 10 from me and my family! We love you Heather Karr!

Dawna Ford