Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle. It uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense. It is also a more focused type of massage to release chronic muscle tension or knots.

  • 60 min. $130   •   90 min. $185   •   120 min. $245

What  our clients are saying

At the age of 19 my back was broken in a car accident that left me paralyzed from mid level — technically thoracic 6 and 7 were shattered. As a young man I became a world class wheelchair racer and went on to represent the United States on two Paralympic teams. Fifteen years of athletic abuse and literally 80,000 miles of training have left me with some pretty chronic but manageable pain. I had experienced several professional massages over my career and can honestly say that Heather has the magic touch. She has this real knack for understanding where the pain is and how to bring relief. She seems to really comprehend how to deliver deep work (that is more medicinal) yet keeping the massage with a relaxing touch so you wind up in a peaceful and relaxed state. Heather really has the knowledge for bringing relief to a sore body while at the same time revitalizing the spirit. Feeling better physically means feeling better and more productive psychologically in my opinion.

Bob Molinatti, 2x Winner of the Los Angeles Marathon

I’ve had severe back and neck injuries in addition to scoliosis since an early age. I would get massages on vacation and go to the chiropractor for adjustments at home. Since working with Heather, I have far more flexibility and stamina, plus her face rejuvenation massage is unbelievable. She is a very sweet, caring and professional person.

Sam (Sandra) Johnston