Golfball Massage

A deep massage with the added benefit of deep kneading techniques using a golf ball and the SPABALL® Massager in specific areas. Smooth, relaxing, AND Therapeutic.


Swedish Massage

A firm but gentle massage to improve the circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility, and create relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle. It uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense. It is also a more focused type of massage to release chronic muscle tension or knots.


Face Renewal/TMJ Release

Releasing the tension surrounding the face and head allows a cheek and jaw release that will make your face look visibly "lifted" immediately. This massage also aids in TMJ dysfunction, headaches and neck tension.


GEMball Massage

This massage is the same as the Golf Ball Massage but a quartz crystal, smokey quartz crystal, rose quartz, or jade stone ball is used instead of a golf ball. The feeling is silky smooth and remarkable!


Geriatric/Compassionate Touch (Hospice)

Gentle relaxing touch that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing life-threatening or terminal illness. Helps relief from pain, and other distressing symptoms, enhance quality of life, reducing anxiety, and helps calm a troubled spirit.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.