DragonGlass Massage

The DragonGlass Massage is just like a Golf Ball Massage but uses an authentic heated Black Obsidian ball instead of a golf ball, with aid of the SPABALL Massager to control the ball. The crackling fire sounds may put you in a trance, along with the obsidian-infused fractionated coconut oil with a sweet campfire scent. Tell Heather if you would like a deep or a relaxing massage. Both feel remarkable!


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60 min. $130   •   90 min. $185   •   120 min. $245

So, I’ve now been going to Heather for over five years and she is still just as incredible as she was then! I had the privilege of being her guinea pig for the new GOT Experience, DragonGlass massage and it was transcendent… seriously; it was incredible, I don’t even know where to begin. The scent she uses is amazing; almost like a woodsy marshmallow, and so soothing and relaxing–that DragonGlass is magic… seriously, it was like heaven. I would HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone; even non-GOT fans. I have never seen an episode, but don’t let that influence your decision to see Heather–she is sooooooooo talented!”


Amy M

“Heather’s new DragonGlass massage is amazing! The warm obsidian stone along, with warm coconut oil, feels spectacular on tight spots. The smells of campfire aroma and sounds of crackling fire are sure to put you into deep relaxation. Heather always has the right amount of pressure to heal you and make you feel amazing!”

Jennifer L.

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